Excalibur Photography | Lily at Home
Lily with Cousin Susan at Easter Brunch.Lily & Mommy Coming Up the Stairs.Lily & Mommy Sitting on the Hearth.Mommy & Lily with the Easter Lilys.Lily Playing with Her Bubble Machine.Pointing to the Bubbles.Lily in Her Play Chair.Lily with Cousin Ryan on the Sliding Boards.Playing with Cousin Ryan at the Playground.Lily with Mommy at the Playground.Lily & Mommy with Ryan, Aunt Jane & Uncle Mark.Aunt Michele, Mommy & Lily, Grandma Barbara.Pappy Steve with Lily & Mommy.Lily with Pappy Steve.Lily with Pappy Steve.Lily with Her Sunglasses Playing Outdside.Lily with Her Walker on the Deck.Lily Showing Off with Her Walker.Lily Showing Off with Her Walker.Lily Posing with Her Sun Hat.