Excalibur Photography | RCIA Party

The Blessing of the Crucifix.Another View.Paul, Denny & Lily.Lily Tries Some Cheese.Lily's Fashion Show Photo!Paul, Marilyn, Bill & Rita, Denny.Bill & Rita.Barb, Jeff & Renee.Jeff & Renee, Mark, Rachel & Derek.Bill & Rita, Barb, Jeff.Rachel & Derek - the Newlyweds!Lily Dreams of Cheese!Lily Spots Some Cheese!Marilyn, Mark, Barb and Father Al Enjoying the Deck.Bill Presents the Donations & Certificates.Bill Presents the Donations & Certificates.Presentation of the Donations and Certificates.Donations Were Made to "Holy Family Institute" . . .. . . and "Society of Saint James" for Mission in Chimbote, Peru.Barb, Mark and Father Al.