Excalibur Photography | Chinese New Year

Denny & Lily with the Riddle LanternView of the MarketplaceLily & Lienna at the Coloring TableLily & Lienna Play with the DragonLily with the DragonLily, Katie and Lienna with the PandaLienna Hugs the PandaLily Watching the Kids on the Dance FloorBecky & Lienna, Denny & LilyPatty & Katie, Becky & Lienna, Denny & LilyJim, Becky & LiennaPatty & KatieThe "Awakening the Dragon" ParadeGirls Leading the ParadeThe DragonThe Girls Join the ParadeDenny & Lily in the ParadeAfter the ParadeLily Watching the DancersThe "Chili Pepper" Dancers