Excalibur Photography | Lily's Baptism

Godmother's Beverly & Mary Beth at Lily's Baptism.The Godmother's With Lily and Her Proud Parents!Greetings From the Congregation.Father Al, Lily, Paul & Denny.Father Al With the Newly Baptised Lily.The Godmother's wth Lily.Lienna & Becky, Denny & Lily.Jim, Lienna & Becky, Denny & Lily, Paul.Mark, Wendy & Cousin Susan with Lily.Pappy Steve, Denny & Lily, Aunt Mar & Darlene.Denny & Lily with Godmother Mary Beth.Grandma Lisa & Eric, Jane & Ryan, Denny & Lily.Vera, Denny & Lily, Jane & Ryan, Mark.Marianne & Toby with Denny & Lily.Denny, Susan, Lily & Pappy Steve.